Embroidarhytnm is a mashup between:

* The sound responsive drum ornament I did a while ago

* Embroidery from as seen at

Clothesline too fluffy to go through the holes in the bars on both sides of the clothesline stand?
Use a piece of heat shrink sleeve longer than the bar's width to easily guide the rope to the hole on the other side 💡

I've made a sound sensitive color strip and zip-tied it to my marching

Code and schematics:
Video by @neo
Rhythms by

A dove embroidery from with motion sensitive back light (2 noodles).
Additional images (and their descriptions) explain the part of it (in case you want to make something similar).

A cyanotype photo of @neo and me (taken three decades ago) behind a shiny golden cardbord with a heart shaped hole and a backlight from 2 noodle-LEDs.
The back side is a horizontal-flipped version of the same thing.
I did this at a while ago, and the cardboard base got wrecked.
On her birthday, Batt-Girl invited us to Craftoola for a fixit party, and this is what I chose to fix.
We've laser cut a 3 layer wooden base, some , et voila.

This is an amazing coincidence, because "not in my name" is one of the signs I've prepared for the Tuesday peace vigil (I'm on the bus there now).
The other one is the "Another Mother for Peace" (AMP) logo (from 1967).
I guess opposing senseless wars never goes out of style.
Photos: @neo

About 6 months ago, an parliament member tried to dismiss our as complaints of "Rolex-watch-wearing elitists"
I decided to a Rolex with a Hebrew branding of "extra-smol" ("smol" is Hebrew for "left wing"), but life happened and it remained in my "work in progress" drawer at until this Sunday, when it got a hot-glue-cast cover for the blinding LED

We had a workshop a and I chose to print the "God Save the Queen" Sex Pistols album cover
I've printed 2 copies. One is now a pendant (UV resin cast). The other decorates my laptop.

Sorry for backlog: Thursday to Saturday, @neo and me were at a joint / telerobotic puppet hackathon organized by and dirceted by at
This hackathon is a stage towards Avner's goal of cross-border puppetry: twin stages in and where in each there's a local hand puppet controlling its robotic twin at the other stage. We've achieved this with stages in adjacent rooms. Stay tuned...

Here's a video (by @neo) of the audio-responsive LED lights in action.
Soundtrack: "Endless Dub" by Natty I. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

To celebrate summer's return, we've installed the sound-responsive lights on the lemon tree again. Code is at

A bracelet from leather and 2 noodle lights


"How to make a LED digital counter using 7- Segment Display" on YouTube.
Link to schematics in pinned comment. The physical placement of components is .

Here's my Mafalda "Jaffa is not for sale" banner in action at in .
Held by @arzakuttner from . I'm honored.
Photo: Ofir Cohen
More about the evictions in Jaffa:

Last evening, like every Sunday, I went to to do some . I used that time to make a LED embedded banner for today's protest in Jerusalem.
A way more impressive project took place in the same studio during that evening [and night]: a group of ladies created dozens of costumes from "The 's Tale" TV series. This was impressive and made front news in Israel and abroad (e.g. The Washington Post ).
I'm proud to share a studio with them.

Going to a protest, got a cool idea for a large banner, but your printer can only handle A4 (or letter) sized paper? PosteRazor is () software for Linux/Windows/Mac that can turn your bitmap file into a multipage PDF you can print and duct-tape into a banner (my printer is b&w, but the PDFs are in color).

Last September, @neo and I went to an infinite mirror workshop at ( ). I've made one with a drawing of Asy the asymmetric cat ( ).
Today we hanged it in the bathroom in front of the toilet seat. It adds depth to the experience.

A simple for demonstrations during rainy weather.

Arabic caligraphy cross stitch work (by Um Rani from Bil'in, ), with a motion activated LED noodle backlight.

Heart shaped indirect light inspired by the ❣ emoji. Ceramics (I've made at Gennady Dvorkin's studio), a 12V LED strip, a fancy power button and a sawed off button cap. .